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Schundler's loyal base makes him GOP's star

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School Construction

Residents ask SCC to consider alternate site for school expansion

School construction funding for suburbs dwindling fast

Minorities aren't getting school construction jobs

Harrison: SCC Plans to Raze 80 Homes

Rich schools get a bigger cut of $8.6B building fund

It's time to replace Abbott districts with vouchers

State corp. has built 4 schools in Hudson

Revised school construction policy won't bring savings soon

Abbott school projects to remain on schedule despite review

Norcoss Tapes

Corzine tries to break political ties to Norcross
Corzine rebuts claims on tapes, denies any dealings with Norcross
Politics overheard: "Remember when . . . you were a do-gooder?"
Caught on tape: Political boss was no fan of Doria
Stay means release of tapes is on hold
'They're all going to be with me'
Observers say Norcross is all talk
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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Star Ledger Reporting

Corruption in Harrison


November 6, 2007.  Harrison, NJ.  On October 22, 2007, the Newark Star Ledger reported in a front page story entitled "Little town a big target in hunt for corruption" various illegal and unethical acts from various Harrison town officials.  Mayor Raymond McDonough denied the allegations to a local newspaper the Observer in an article entitled "Star Ledger reports are false".   

In an unrelated article in the Asbury Park Press, the Harrison Democratic organization was reported to have funneled $200,000 in campaign contributions acquired over four months to the Hudson County Democratic Committee to avoid pay-to-play restrictions.  In the article the treasurer of the Harrison Municipal Democratic Committee and brother-in-law of Mayor Raymond McDonough, Gregory Kowalski,  stated when asked how the committee raised a reported $215,000 in four months that "As far as I knew there was a fundraiser in Kearny."  Kowalski is also the Executive Director of the Harrison Redevelopment Agency as well as being an attorney.

Council candidates in Harrison face opposition from a slate of candidates running under the Change for Harrison banner.  Councilman Steven McCormick who was elected last year is spearheading the opposition against Mayor Raymond McDonough and his council candidates.  McDonough is not running but has been actively campaigning with his council candidates.

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            Assemblyman Rick Merkt today said that the decision by the Codey administration to commit public dollars to a stadium deal for the New York Giants on the same day Republicans unveiled a property tax reform proposal highlights the contrast in priorities between the two parties.

            "We are proposing property tax relief for homeowners, while the Codey administration is cutting a backroom deal that uses tax dollars to keep the Giants in New Jersey," said Merkt, R-Morris. "This demonstrates an unmistakable difference in priorities."

            The Codey administration has reached a deal with the New York Giants to keep the team in New Jersey. The Giants will pay the cost of building a new stadium, but the state will assume $124 million in debt on the old stadium, will pay $30 million for infrastructure and utility upgrades at the new stadium site, and will lease 75 acres of the Meadowlands to the Giants.

            "This stadium deal will have a direct impact on taxpayers, at a time when property tax relief has been scratched from the budget," Merkt said. "That is at least $154 million in public funds that could have been put toward property tax relief."

            The Assembly Republican Policy Committee today unveiled its Blue Print for Property Tax Reform, a plan to cut property taxes for homeowners by 30 percent, put controls on state and local spending, and constitutionally lock-in the relief.

            Merkt, a member of the policy committee, said that this plan represents the right priorities.

            "We are proposing a plan that puts property taxpayers first, and seeks to eliminate unnecessary state spending," Merkt said. "This stands in stark contrast to a proposal to spend more than $150 million to help a sports franchise build a new stadium.

            "We all want the Giants to stay in our state, but what is more important: Property tax relief or a sports stadium?" Merkt asked. "I think most New Jersey residents are united in the opinion that property tax relief should be the state's first concern and top priority."


Group Says Harrison Redevelopment Agency Illegally Formed


(Harrison) - A group calling themselves the Harrison Community Coalition has posted a report setting forth its position that the Harrison Redevelopment Agency should be disbanded for several reasons among them that the Board's membership violates  state law because too many of its members are town employees; and the municipal ordinance which formed the Board and the basis for which the Redevelopment Board was formed.  The Coalition calls for the Local Finance Board to disband the Board.  The Harrison Redevelopment Board was formed in 1999 in an effort to redevelop the Waterfront area of Harrison (Hudson County) in an area which was formerly zoned industrial.  The Coalition contends that the Redevelopment Agency is impeding the development by the private sector because it has entered into development contracts which it continues to renew even though the designated developers have not complied with requirements such as environmental studies.  The MetroStars have also expressed an interest in building a Stadium in the Redevelopment Zone.  The Stadium would result in the razing of a building build at the turn of the century.  The building which once produced cannons for warships during War World II now stands defiantly stoic waiting for a visionary to convert it into a wonderful marketplace.   Other property owners in the Redevelopment Zone have expressed an interest in developing their own properties but have been turned down by the Redevelopment Agency.  Property owners unsure of the future ownership of their property have failed to make improvements.  Others have simply stopped maintaining their properties.  To review the report, click here.

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A very personal commitment
Environmentalists threaten suit to force cleanup of Kearny site
Kearny soldier killed in Iraq roadside blast
Flags Lowered to Half-Staff for Howell Soldier
N.J. panel urges benefits cuts for teachers, others
Woman may fill U.S. Senate seat
100 x 100 logo - life events
Allies say Andrews not a 'puppet'
Changes urged in guidelines for prison sentences
Retirement Age at 60, Not 55, in Trenton Plan for Pensions
Arrest made in kidnapping of Bernardsville woman
E. Hanover board votes to censure its president
A farewell surprise for Letts
Wal-Mart to pitch revised plans for Lawrence store
Ethics watchdog attacks law enforcers
Get a load of this: New Jersey looks for a new slogan
N.J. slogan contest brings 4,000 entries
The good, the bad and the totally bizarre
Codey should have asked residents about slogans
Wanted: New Jersey State Slogan
GOP gets depressed after Tuesday's loss
EPA Asked to Take Over Chromium Contaminated Sites
New Jersey selects GTECH for lottery system
Give voice back to New Jersey residents
Playing a name game in New Jersey
Hazardous Dumping in New Jersey
Many hope Codey considers Senate run
Lessons from the Whitman years
Whitman criticizes Republican hard-liners
What Some Politicians Fear Most: The Ex-Wife
Democrats win war of the bosses
COMMENTARY: Corzine will be watched closely
Mercer pols see a bright future
N.J. Democrats vie for Corzine's seat
The Auditor
Election losers spin and the winners rejoice
Forrester says Bush's troubles tilted the vote
Forrester says Bush troubles became own
Late shot by ex-wife didn't touch Corzine
Corzine's ready to go for broke
Corzine pays visit to black ministers
Muslim triumphs over a smear to become mayor
OK, Governor, they have some messages for you
He's young, eager and he has a mess to clean up
Squeaky-clean start is goal of Corzine team
Corzine hints he may name woman to U.S. Senate seat
Strategists: Party faithful determined election's outcome
Gov.-elect, union chief not an item, despite kiss
Sullivan holds on; uncounted absentee ballot gives freeholder director one more vote
Raid on Lynch's office ratchets up fed inquiry
3 Democrats preparing for likely Senate bids
Corzine juggernaut faces pay-to-play speed bump
Corzine hastens to fill Senate seat
Blee looks like winner after absentee count
Andrews quick to push Senate quest
Fare Compare 100x80
Cheerful Democrats pick new speaker
Coleman named majority leader
Roberts chosen Assembly speaker
Sires recalls past 4 years, with pride
Lautenberg tepid on Alito
Pallone has built career on environmental causes
FBI searches office of former Sen. Lynch
'Billboardgate' probe widens
Lynch's PAC spreads his influence throughout state
Lynch felt frustrated by McGreevey
Bosses put feud aside, fell in line for Corzine
Corzine puts property taxes at the top of his agenda
Immigrant-rights group asks Corzine for help
Top tune for Corzine: 'Takin' It to the Streets'
Where to now, Codey? The popular proxy plays it coy
Andrews prominent among contenders to replace Corzine
Dems line up for vacant Senate seat
Senator Kean's goal: Add 'U.S.' to his title
Holt takes scientific approach
Key election contests hang on absentee ballots
Opinions divided on Moriarty holding 2 elected offices
Moriarty keeping a fund for 2008
With two races still undecided, Democrats gain in Assembly
Rival accuses Choi of using 'the race card'
Special ballots are clerk's last hope
Don’t crown clerk champ yet: Recount likely to settle close race
Readington write-in bid spells success
Elections panel to investigate Neptune GOP campaign contribution
Independent breaks through in Washington Twp
Corzine Defeats Forrester To Become N.J. Governor
Corzine rides traditional Democratic regions to victory
Corzine's Rise in Politics Not by Design
Race Over: Corzine Becomes New Jersey Governor
School builders ask time to 'get act together'
Appoint me, no appoint me! Race to keep Corzine's Senate seat warm is on
In game of political 'musical chairs,' Sires eyes choice seat
Why not be the governor? Office entices members of Congress
Local citizens go to polls today
Polls and prognosticators lean toward Corzine, but some warn victory far from certain
Corzine Leads Forrester in New Jersey, Race `Stepped Over Line'
Corzine is ahead in polls
A final try to sway the undecided voter
Candidates commit to appointing women
Arab Americans look for a voice in Trenton
Corzine, Forrester Agree on Drug Treatment
Poll says Corzine leads by 10 points
With election looming, Corzine and Forrester campaign hard in NJ
New polls show race close, or Corzine with apparent lead
New Jersey Governor Tops List of Races Reaching Finish Line
Elections in Virginia, New Jersey in national spotlight
Airline tickets, hotel and car rental reservations
Candidates make final push before vote
New Jersey campaign turns dirty
Would-be governors spend millions insulting each other
Forrester can't dent Corzine's lead in poll
Opponent's ad quotes Corzine's ex-wife
In NJ, it's down to the wire in knock down, drag out governor's race
Neck and Neck In Final Stretch of N.J. Governor's Race

Candidates Make Final Push To NJ Election

Frelinghuysen: Forrester the man to take back N.J.
Herald News: Jon Corzine for governor
In New Jersey, a Smiley Sunday at the End of a Mean Campaign
Candidates crisscross state to rally support
Democrats come to see Codey but will vote for Corzine
Bell means business on Election Day
Clinton comes to JC
Gubernatorial candidates rally in Monmouth
Candidates scale back schedules prior to debate
Candidates clash in final TV debate
Presssman Debate gets personal
Forrester and Corzine Bare Knuckles in Final Debate
Rivals sharpen personal attacks
The candidates you haven't seen
All eyes on the man who isn't running
Republicans see opening in Assembly
Candidates accentuate positive
Voters in both parties agree: Winner won't ease the tax squeeze
Jewish vote heavily Democratic in recent governor races
Campaigns paving road to Statehouse with mud
Ex-wife's ad hurts Corzine
Smear and loathing on campaign trail
N.J. Governor's Race Hits New Lows
Plainfield mayoral candidates ratcheting up their campaigns
Forrester, Corzine in last dash to finish line
New Forrester Ad Draws Fire From Corzine Camp
Forrester ad features criticism by Corzine's ex-wife
New Forrester ad hits lots of nerves
Corzine, Forrester court Jewish vote
N.J. governor's race
a fine state of affairs
Forrester trumpets a new ally: An ex-wife
Mudslinging is tried, true part of campaigns
Doug hath no fury like a woman scorned
Some see Codey as the best candidate
An essay competition sparks cries of politics
New TV ads throw some punches
Race For New Jersey Governor Gets Uglier
Campaign goes personal
Court tells Dems to ax Forrester ad
Vineland man fights uphill battle in bid to become N.J.'s governor
Nader: Must train ourselves to recognize, fight injustice
School board member hit with drug charges
Edison candidate's funding source questioned
Power broker steers $39G to Edison slate
Corzine's ex-wife claims he's 'compromised his ideals'
Ex-Mrs. Corzine's digs echo on campaign trail
Political heavyweights in a proxy battle
Clinton bangs drum for Corzine; Forrester targets key county
Weedman plans to give pols the ‘finger’
Candidates' spending near $70 million
Corzine courts support in state's urban areas
Democrats aiming to galvanize voters in urban areas
A mother's love trumps a national debate
Poll gives Corzine clear lead in NJ governor's race
Gubernatorial foes clash on ethics and arena
Forrester, Corzine planning final blitz
Candidates' spending total reaches $70M
Hudson voters cheer Corzine's 'no' vote on war
Supporters rally behind Forrester's tax proposal
Gubernatorial candidates trade barbs in ads
Ras Baraka picked to fill Tucker's seat
Weinberg puts forth Holocaust accusation
State: Candidate ineligible
Lawyer fights ruling on tax post
Levy hospitalized for food poisoning
"Fair, clean" race now a blame game
Springfield candidates get feisty at forum
Forrester cutting into Corzine lead in Hudson
Concern from Corzine, praise from Forrester
National parties flood Jersey race with cash
Forrester stumps; Corzine praises Parks
Trail mix
Pro-Corzine e-mailer suspended
E-mail causes controversy
State to suspend worker for Corzine campaign e-mail
State worker suspended over political e-mail
E-mail nets DYFS worker suspension
Corzine the tightrope walker
The rise of a young man who took a shine to the law
Noteworthy opinions to fuel debate between left and right
Mom: 'I cannot be prouder of him'
The senators' welcome mat from '90 is nowhere in sight
Supreme Court hopeful has a Seton Hall fan base
Watchdog group's PAC backs Reilly, Doherty
Ethics an issue in Brick races
GOP blasts Dems' attacks on clerk
Besides governor, there's much to decide on Election Day
Racing Into The Homestretch
Star Ledger Endorses Doug Forrester
Forrester's dug himself a hole
Jon Corzine interview
Doug Forrester interview
NJ voters to consider need for lieutenant governor
Corzine and Forrester spend at record rate to tune of $60M

Cheese, wine and Corzine

Corzine joins Codey to praise stem-cell work
N.J. Governor Race Costing Near $1M a Day
Forrester pushes corruption links against Corzine
Corzine and Forrester Engage the Undecided
Trooper punishment over harassment a well-kept secret
AG rules Forrester campaign aid is legal
Forrester reverses field, backs stem-cell research
Software to help agency monitor construction costs
Trial Mix
Jersey City tries to seize bar for private school's field
Newark 40 years later ... still the elephant in the room
Corzine sees lead firm up

Quote of the Week:

US Attorney General Christopher Christie commenting on why N.J. politicans become corrupt as they hand out lucrative contracts to professionals and others,

"I'm making that person rich. Where's my piece?"

"The first time that politicians go over the line, they no longer know where the line is. They're lost,"

Christie suggests term limits to curb political corruption

Statement of:
Charles “Charlie” Fallon

“Today is one of the lowest points of my life.

Just a short time ago, I stood in front of Judge Pisano in Federal District Court in Newark and pled guilty for my actions related to Robert ‘Bobby J.’ Janiszewski, the former county executive of Hudson County.  I did this because I am guilty and because what I did was wrong.

Though, I have tried to lead my life by a personal code of ethical conduct and honesty, in this instance I failed terribly.  And while there may be reasons behind my serious lapse in judgment, there are no excuses for my behavior and I will not attempt to make any.

I made a mistake.  I have publicly admitted that mistake and I am now prepared to accept the responsibility and the consequences of my actions.

I also want to acknowledge the professionalism of the Office of the US Attorney during this time.  While it would have certainly been my preference to not have interacted with that office at all, they were, at all times, professional, honest and forthright in their dealings with me.

Finally, the last few months have been particularly difficult for my family as they have had to deal with the stress of this approaching day.  I wish to apologize to them and to anyone else who may have been hurt by my careless behavior.  I am deeply sorry for what I have done and I hope to earn forgiveness as I move forward from this day.”
 Past Quotes of the Week:

“As we mark the 2nd anniversary of the Iraq war, our thoughts and prayers are with the brave men and women of our armed forces, and their families.  You have shown more courage and greater conviction than most Americans will ever be asked to show.  This state and this nation are  proud of you. 


“There is no more noble a calling than to serve in our armed forces.  The thousands of men and women from New Jersey deployed across the globe are a testament to that.  We are grateful for your patriotism, and we will never forget your sacrifice.          


“We continue to pray for a quick end to the war, and look forward to the safe return home of our troops."


--Acting Governor Dick Codey

"In politics, you never plan to run for a particular office at a particular time. You always prepare yourself. So if that door opens, you're ready."

 --Acting Governor Dick Codey



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